Scott’s Best Of The Sea

What We Did:


Concept Design, Direction, Animation, CG, VFX, 

GREY Singapore returned to Ground Control for the follow up to the first Scotts Under the Sea film. We were able to give life to our key characters again, saving a lot of build resources, and most importantly seamlessly restored the entire Redshift project to work perfectly smoothly. Even we were surprised how well it helped up the second time round. We’re hoping this campaign increased sales in the product as well as the first campaign did, so we can have fun with our characters again soon. 

Agency: Grey Singapore
Production: Ground Control
Animation: Lobo
Directors: Aron Matschulat Aguiar & Mateus de Paulo Santos 
Producer: Su Constatine
Executive / Line Producer: Michael Stanish, Loic Francois Marie Dubois 
Music: Yessian


Scott's Best of the Sea Octopus on Stage