Ground Control is an independent production studio delivering world-class content for brands.  

Working with industry leading talent, we act as mission control for agencies and clients, making certain every craftsperson has all the tools they need to deliver the best possible outcome. 

When the creative process can be chaotic, we bring reliability and professionalism to the production ensuring a stress free and smooth experience. The name Ground Control was no accident, it’s born from our ability to be at the epicentre of complicated and challenging productions, for which we have a profound understanding and detailed working practice. 

Our talent delivers live action, animation, photography, experiential and events. 

We are a socially conscious company, caring for our environment, our people and our community. We are in the midst of introducing socially conscious measures that will benefit our clients, the company, the industry and society as a whole. Over the next several months, we’ll be announcing several initiatives. 

We believe in equality and diversity, and actively look to improve peoples’ lives. 

Our philosophy has allowed us to work with local clients and global household names. 

We look forward to working with you. 









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