Nike Kenyan Runners

One of the most beautiful films you’ll see: the Kenyan National running team, in the middle of their Nike Training camp in Hawaii. Doesn’t get much better. 

Design, Edit, Direction, Grade, Social.

Client: Nike Portland
Editor: Raphael Mayrhofer / Maxim Young 
Motion: Miguel Rato

The Film

For the Nike Free 3.0 the designers have once again focused on the principle of less: eliminating layers, seams and bulk from the shoe. The film reflects this theme of minimalism. The athletes of the Kenyan National running team power through the rugged landscape of rural Hawaii. Sweeping mountains and majestic plains provide the perfect backdrop, mirroring the incredible strength and awesome resolve of the runners themselves. Out here, there’s nothing to distract the athletes from their training.

Overall, the film weds two simple elements. These are the Kenyan runners and the landscape of Hawaii. The film blends them into one spectacular whole. The focus is on the Kenyan runners themselves. Not only their movement through the landscape, but also their team relationship. This is shown through intimate smiles, laughing and joking. They encourage each other to push on to greater sporting achievement.

The Product


As a result, the Nike Free product is perfectly represented. The aim of the shoe is to mould to the foot, allowing free range of motion – so the runner can move the way nature intended. The Nike Free outsole has laser-siped flex grooves, which release stiffness in the foam and allow it to move as naturally as the foot does. It’s not just the minimal design and breathable upper materials—Nike Free is shaped to the anatomy of the foot, so it fits like a second skin and feels like a natural extension of your body. From top to bottom, flexible materials make it easy for the foot to move every way it needs to. 

Nike Kenyan Runners