Lexus LC500h Structural Blue

What We Did


Production, VFX, CG, Direction, Design, Social.

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Client: Lexus
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Tokyo
Direction: Lobo
Production: Ground Control



Lexus Treatment

To showcase the new Structural Blue colour from Lexus, we created a film that demonstrating the engineering that has gone into its creation.

Opening on a Lapis Lazuli, the intense deep-blue stone which inspired the project, we dive in deeper. A cool lake of stone stretches before us, as complex nano structures emerge. The macro imagery demonstrates the incredible level of effort that led to this new blue.

Ribbons of material whirl across the screen, revealing a fragment of falling pigment, which explodes into a brilliant cloud of colour. The cloud snakes this way and that, settling into the form of a Lexus LC500h.

Blue Reimagined by Lexus

Throughout history blue has been the most difficult colour to create as it’s only found in a natural pigment one place in the world. This has made it the most desired colour as well.

Coming soon, Structural Blue: A new kind of blue.

We are using the unique history of blue to create excitement towards the Structural Blue from Lexus, which is a new augmented blue with unique nano structures in the pigment creating an irridence. This irridence gives a perception that the Structural Blue from Lexus is always changing in the light, shimmering as the viewer moves around the car. 

6000 years ago Lapis Lazuli was mined from the Afgan hills. Indigo blue grown, dyed and perfected in Japan. Prussian blue was found through chemical reactions in the 1700s. UltraMarine blue was created from a version of the original Lapis Lazuli. In modern times the French Yves Klien’s International Blue was created for art.

A unique diffraction of light augmenting the color blue.