Asics Film - What We Did:

Live Action. Animation Direction. Execution. International Line Production.

Animation Boardomatic:

Asics Treatment:

There is an internal magic that happens when you play sport and exercise. Your body goes through change. You breathe hard, your physiology transforms. You sweat and endorphins are released. Your mind is freed, you feel alive and healed. This is the the mind-body secret we can all access.  We just need the key.

To know that Asics founder Kihachiro Onitsuka was aware of this positive power in 1949, and committed to packing it into every shoe, is truly inspiring.

This film is about fusing the wisdom and heritage of the company. With mind-bending storytelling and explosive action that will inspire a new generation of ASICS converts.

The Film:

The camera opens on a classics Asics shoebox. As we move closer, a hand-drawn animation begins to play. We are drawn into a beautifully vibrant rendering of the history of Asics. Kihachiro Onitsuka’s office in 1949. His team of designers working furiously. The final product: Asics’ first trainer.

Holding up the shoe, the animation transforms to depict a basketball player. Dodging and diving, with bursts of light flashing in the background, he rises to dunk the ball.

Now we cut back to live action. Men and women of all ages and appearances open a box of Asics shoes and gaze within. Through their changing fashions, they represent Asics customers from the 1950s onwards.

Finally our heroine opens her box of Asics in the present day. She takwa to the empty city streets to run. Her face is an image of determination and cool adroitness. Now we are treated to a medley of athletes, enjoying their chosen sport. Tennis, skating, gymnastics, volleyball –  all aided by the quality of their Asics shoes.


Agency: Oglivy/Hogarth

Head of Creative: Chris Wall
Art Director: Joseph Friend
Copywriter: Josh Kelsall
Copywriter: Alexander Nash
Agency Producer: Sally Miller
Post Producer: Jack Simpson
Editor: Nick Lofting

Managing Partner: Katie Halling
Programme Director: Sophie Rhys Evans
Account Director: Lucy Ashworth
Account Executive: Joshua Thomas
Senior Strategist: Charlotte Walters

Production company: Ground Control Studios
Animation company: Lobo
Director: Mick Wong
Producer: Michael Stanish