Scott’s DHA Gummies

What We Did:

Working with Grey Singapore, Concept design, Direction, CG execution. Music by Yessian Music.

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Animated Goldfish underwater

Scott's DHA Gummies - Treatment:

Available in delicious Orange and Strawberry flavours, Scott’s Gummies lock in the goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell. With microencapsulated DHA technology, the product also contains Vitamin D. This is essential for healthy growth & development in children and healthy immune function. Just three of these gummies a day can help supplement the DHA and Vitamin D that children need.

With the target audience in mind, our Scott’s film is suitably full to the gills (pun intended) with vibrant colour, fantastic characters, and incredible underwater scenes. 

Scott’s Best of the Sea is a vibrant and charming film, appealing to all ages. Through the use of vivid colour, we are able to create an incredibly inviting atmosphere, that instantly captures the attention of even the most casual viewer.

The underwater characters in our film also help to retain the attention of the viewer. They are cute, colourful and expressive, and the huge variety of characters serves to increase the excitement of the film. Not only this, but their movements are energetic and lively. These are spirited characters, which pique our interest and make us want to keep watching.

Our ‘hero’ is the goldfish – a small but energetic fish, whom we follow through this underwater paradise. First the goldfish swims underneath brightly coloured polka-dot reefs, before diving into a deep-green cave with luxuriantly textured walls. From here we go even deeper, into a mysterious purple-hued chamber, where the lethargic angler fish smiles at our passing hero. Finally we emerge into the open, where a lithe octopus wrenches open an ancient chest. A swarm of goldfish burst forth, swimming directly into a bottle of Scott’s DHA Gummies, morphing into the bright orange product. All the vitality of the ocean has thus been captured.