What We Did

Creative and character development, Full CG animation Direction, Print deliverables, adaptation of all assets for all media including Social platforms, point of sale and events. 


Agency: Grey Singapore
Creative Director: Antonio Bonifacio
Creatives: Haniah Omar, Sara Badr
Producer: Brendan Cravitz
Production: Ground Control
Director: Thierry Marchand
Producer: Michael Stanish
Music: Yessian


Nutriquest - The Making Of

Nutriquest - Behind The Scenes


Point Of Sale


The evil Dr. Greedy has taken the Horlicks factory, and his robot army is taking all the Horlicks in the world! Little does he know that heroes will rise to take back what is theirs! You can be a hero, too. Download and play the Horlicks NutriQuest game now!

This film, a trailer for the exciting Horlicks Nutriquest app, communicates the eclectic array of characters that players will encounter while playing the game! It sets the scene for players, with the evil Dr. Greedy attempting to use his robot forces to stifle healthy living. 

The film uses mixed media effectively to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Accordingly this encourages viewers to play the Nutriquest game. Hand drawn background combined with two-dimensional animation lend the film a playful aspect. The frenetic movements and expressive faces of our characters are highly appealing to all ages, increasing the appeal of the Nutriquest game. Bright and vibrant colour, splashed liberally over the film, only increases this appeal.

Furthermore, the behind the scenes section above illustrates the intensive design process that went into the creation of the film. Though is a large project, the use of consistent design elements unites the disparate scenery and characters, creating continuity in the film whilst also allowing there to be a great deal of exciting and stimulating diversity.