What We Did:


Production, Concept Design, Direction, VFX, CG Production.

Client: NTT

ECD: Carl Van Wijk
Creative Producer: Brendan Cravitz
Music: Yessian
Producer: Michael Stanish
CG: nineteen twenty, Digital Golem
Producer: David Keegan,
3D Lead: Jean-Louis Billard



NTT Data Visualisation

NTT’s vision for the future needs a unique and fresh take on the generic look for data that we’ve see over and over again.

We need to move away from the 90s idea of data, The Matrix, 0s and 1s floating through space, Intel, super-fast board-band or generic sci-fi console graphics.

Concept: bio-data

A futuristic take on data visualisation. Where data has gone beyond computer-generated and become more of an organic material; a living thing, integrating into peoples’ lives, buildings and communities.

Making light Organic.

Nature can both be random and ordered. Like vines growing up a wall, or  a flock of starlings. Our organic light will transition from the seemingly chaotic and sporadic to the symmetrical, beautifully synchronised and purposeful. Our bio- data will create unusual shapes and patterns all inspired by nature.  With light being the catalyst for it to germinate, spore and flourish as it grows and pulsates with our NTT blue colour.

The Film

With this in mind, we seek to represent NTT’s goals with film. Through the use of shards of lights, glimmering against a dark backdrop, we can create a metaphor for information travelling across the globe. Balls of light glitter as they shoot in rivulets of data towards their destination. First their form is random, then they rise to shape intelligent structures. The intricate detail is breathtaking, reminding the viewer of the complexity of the data transfers that they conduct in their daily lives, but never stop to consider. Overall, the film reveals a hidden world, forever at work beneath the surface of our technological interactions.