Illustration/Visual Development

By Walnut Illustration

Nomel’s is a very lively and energetic brand, which naturally asks for a lively and energetic film. Working on this animation was a fun and challenging experience! We all learned a lot from the dynamics between Japan and Brazil, having the pleasure of bringing to life Walnut’s brilliant illustrations. The idea was to turn the live action into animation in an entertaining way whereas still keeping it faithful to her designs.

Isa Littger, Animation Director


Production Company: TOKYO

Director: Genki Ito

Visual Style: Walnut Illustrations

Producer: Maiko Shimada

Production Manager: Masami Ouchi

Production Manager: Leo Otake

Animation: LOBO

Animation Directors: Isa Littger, Mateus Santos

Executive Producers: Michael Stanish, Loic Dubois

Head of Production: Clara Morelli 

Producer: Pablo Zurita

Post Production Supervisor: Rosângela Gomes

Post Production Producer: Larissa Zazula

Colour Script: Deborah Matsuda

Animation: Hugo Takahashi, Sid Ahearne, Gui Klein, Gabriel Abreu, Gian Burani, Julia Góes, Chan Tong

Composition/After Effects: Rafael Gustavo Rebonato, Julia Góes

Nomel’s Japan