Nike Force Run

What We Did:


Production, Direction, VFX, CG

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Client: Nike HQ

Nike Force Run

Nike Force Run - Treatment

We start the film on a dynamic Close Up shot of fibre detail on a growing cocoon. Delicate strands of fibre wave in the air, as if they are reeds in the wind.

As the threads grow and stretch the abstract shape takes more form. Rolling and flowing over one another, the separate threads begin to tighten, congealing into a solid form.

As the forms becomes more clear we start to recognise this object as a strong and flexible cocoon. The colours on the cocoon mirror the colours of our shoe making this a magical and surreal occurence. The majestic and detailed cocoon plays on the secure and comfortable fit of the Nike Flyknit.

Our next phenomenon is a multitude of waves made of hexagons going from a displaced, slightly chaotic state to a more smooth overall shape; acoustically this will be in sync with the distinctive sound of a foot touching the ground. The timing is highly satisfying to watch, sensually exciting.

This abstract animation blurs the lines between the shoe itself and the surface it is situated on. It is a very powerful image and it subliminally displays the feeling of the natural footstrike provided by the rounded heel perfectly.

Our hexagons will mimic the moving skin of a snake with a very vivid colour palette and organic continuous movement. Just as a snake’s movement is slow and deliberate, so too is the movement of the hexagons. Through this imagery, we can create an association with strong movement, perfect for the athletic context of the product and the film.

We finish on a shot of the shoe as a whole – now we can appreciate the construction of the shoe, from individual fibre to complete trainer.