Nike SU16

What We Did

Working with Nike HQ in Portland, we were responsible for the development of all the visuals for the global launch of the Nike Flyknit. Directed by Future Deluxe, Music by Resonate. 

Please see below for Nike Print deliveries, look development and process video. 

Nike Process Video

Nike Flyknit Technology

Lightweight. Breathable. Supportive.

Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.

Inspired by the most common feedback from runners, Nike engineered a fabric that fits like a sock. This technology provides the support and durability for sport.

Featuring a material made up of strong yet lightweight strands of yarn. Woven into a one-piece upper, this fabric secures an athlete’s foot to the shoe platform.

Different types of knit patterns are used within a single Flyknit upper. Certain areas have a tighter weave to give the foot more support, while other areas are designed to be more flexible or breathable. Data from 40+ years of studying the foot determines where each pattern is applied.


To bring the focus of the viewer to the Flyknit Technology, the film opens on a close up of a single thread of fabric. The elegantly curving thread is soon joined by others, flowing over one another and interweaving into a larger and larger strand.

Propelled by an unseen force, multiple strands come together. Spiralling gracefully, the fabric begins to form an intelligent shape from the chaos of seconds ago. The shimmering cloud of thread pulsates gently as it spins, conjuring up images of elemental creation on a cosmic scale.

Soon a textured pattern begins to spread across the threads, covering the entire mass in a repeating sea of undulating pure-white material. We are shown a close up of this new texture. It stretches slowly, demonstrating its ability to flex and change under pressure.

Returning to a wide shot, the column of thread and texture begins to whirl frenetically. There emerges from the typhoon the Nike SU16 shoe, its upper constructed of the flyknit threads, its base featuring the white textured pattern of moments ago. Close ups of the shoe display its ability to mould itself to movement. We finish on a wide shot of a pari of trainers, the pattern of their soles reflected in electric light upon the glowing background.