Nike Force Train

What We Did:


Production, Direction, CG, VFX, Live Action.

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Client: Nike HQ

Nike Force Train

Nike Force Treatment

We start the film on a dynamic close up shot of fibre detail. The fibres slowly move together, flowing over one another and forming into ever greater threads.

As the threads grow and stretch, the abstract shape takes more form. Moving with more speed, the threads arrange themselves into geometric patterns. Intelligent complex forms emerge from the chaos. We begin to zoom out, revealing the enormous scale of the mass of threads, weaving themselves into a spiders web of vibrant shades.

Now we cut to the Nike Force Train shoe, continuing to pan out. The close knit fabric, formed of all those thousands of threads, is as satisfyingly intricate from this perspective as it was earlier. The textures of the folded trainer relax as the shoe comes to rest. 

We cross cut this against a plant’s leaves unfurling. The blossom is opening in timelapse fashion.

Sepals typically function as protection for the flower in bud, and as support for the petals when in bloom.

The sepals of our opening flower functions as the metaphor for the heel collar providing a secure and comfortable fit.

In a layered spiral movement the petals and the leaves are unfurling; creating a truly magical moment.

Finally this leads us into a shot of the whole Nike trainer. For the first time, we are able to see all of its separate elements united in a harmonious whole.