What We Did:


Creative Development, Writing, Production, Japan Production Service.

For the Youtube Channel ‘SORTEDFood’, in concert with JFOODO.

Agency: Dentsu
Youtube Channel: SORTEDFood
Production company: Ground Control

SortedFOOD JFOODO Japanese food and drink showcase


SORTEDFood are: Benjamin ‘Ben’ Ebbrell, Michael ‘Mike’ Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford, Barry Taylor and James Currie.

Started by a group of friends in London, SORTEDfood has grown into a global online food community. They turn chefs’ knowledge into useful tips and tricks to help ‘normals’ cook better and spend less every week.

Subscribe for brand new videos every Wednesday & Sunday at 4pm, which use your recommendations to create ultimate cooking challenges, review kitchen gadgets and tools, explore new food trends and generally have a laugh around food.

JFOODO Treatment:

The boys at SORTEDFood teamed up with JFOODO (that’s the ‘Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Centre), to create a series of videos centred around incredible Japanese cuisine. 

This took the form of a week in japan, immersing themselves in as much Japanese culture as humanly possible. Naturally this included eating a lot of the most exciting food JFOODO could find. Afterwards, the team was challenged to serve a restaurant full of locals! Will they enjoy the food and sake pairings on offer?

As a result, videos created for this project aim to be bright, light-hearted and fun, whilst also being informative. Furthermore, Japanese cuisine is incredibly diverse, with an enormous range of delicious meals and tasty drinks. Therefore, we wanted to be able to showcase the best Japan had to offer, while retaining the jovial atmosphere of the SORTEDFood channel. Food is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!