Huawei Next


Our film is set on an cinematic abstract environment in which we reveal the luxurious forms, the excellent craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, its superb finish to reveal with all its force the most advanced Huawei phone in the world.

This is a journey of discovery.

We open on black. Shards of light reveal the form of the Mate 8 rotating in front of us slowly ever so slightly, teasing the viewer with these carefully crafted elements…

Cut to a closer more abstract shot where the beautiful light caresses the metal revealing the landscape.

We cut to show the forms that are further revealed now and we can see finally the exquisite finish and craftsmanship of the new Huawei Mate 8.

Before we can see too much a quick darkness washes the image. Light reappears rapidly showing the phone slowly rotating so we can witness the front face in its full glory as it drifts towards camera gently. The gorgeous display with an ever evolving and enigmatic 8 graphic moving.

A quick cut to a detail shot of the exquisite craftsmanship displaying the most delicate bevel and metal finish.

As we travel through the edge the display starts to invade the screen with its ever evolving 8 graphics, mesmerising.

And we dive into a beautiful abstraction of the various layers of the screen as if it was the most beautiful time travel experience, another universe.

And as we look around thousands of abstract butterflies representing the photons dance around millions of shards of light taking us to a magical world.

The millions of shards of light impact in the floor and reveal a complex network of communication and clean beauty, buildings rise up, its all light and shadows and the camera keeps diving until…

…everything goes to dark. Light once again appears to reveal playfully the silhouette but suddenly a small double circle in the back starts to shine…

…and we cut to the the end of an eclipse that reveals…

…the gorgeously designed camera that starts to deconstruct in an orderly manner showcasing inside as the device rotates gently from right to left.

A phenomenal structure of lenses as the camera cuts wider stacked in perfect harmony to capture the light whilst the phone keeps rotating showcasing the detail in all its glory.

Cut to a gentle rotation of five Huawei phones meeting in such a way that we can appreciate the luxury, details and craftsmanship of the construction.

They move to settle on the final position always drifting ever so slightly into position.