What We Did:

Animation design and direction. Worked with Genki Ito, Dentsu Tec and Dentsu, with animation direction by Lobo. Music by Pharrell Williams. Client: Honda.


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Honda Freed Hybrid Car

Honda Freed - Treatment:

The Honda Freed – a stylish and modern minivan, perfect for family life and parenting. Spacious, elegant and safe, every model is fitted with the “Honda Sensing” safe driving support system, to give you peace of mind on the road.

The film uses mixed media to communicate the fresh and trendy Honda Freed. Two dimensional sketches and drawings, including vibrant renderings of classic Japanese landmarks as well as modern landscapes and scenes, provide an eye-catching backdrop for the car itself.

Despite the energy and floods of colour in the images, they don’t detract from the Freed itself. The car glides through these backdrops, remaining the only constant as the scenes quickly change. Naturally the viewer’s eye is quickly drawn to focus on the car.

The animated two-dimensional backdrops are also effective at portraying the family-orientated nature of the car. This is a vehicle that is perfect for families, so it needs to be fun as well as being practical! The film mirrors this fact – smiling faces and cartoon scenes are highly appealing.