Detroit Electric

What We Did:


Production, VFX, CG, Direction, Music

Agency: AMP
Creative Director: Simon Haslehurst
Producer: Deborah Stockdale-Hughes
Production: Ground Control
Director: Jean-Louis Billard
CG: Digital Golem
Producer: Michael Stanish
Art Lewy


Detroit Electric car

Detroit Electric: Treatment

We will work with a limited color palette. Shades of black as our canvas. Blue, orange, red and whites as our highlights. The contrast of light and dark will go
a long way in making the electricity streaks and the car explode off the screen.

We are looking to create very dimensional compositions. Dynamic angles mixed with close ups of the action shot with a shallower depth of field. We will be very specific about the depth of field: it is shallow in places, creating a gorgeous sense of depth. But when it’s sharp, it is absolutely sharp.

After an elegant, quiet and mysterious build up, the electricity picks up speed and from then on will never stop moving. Trying to keep up, the camera will arc and boom, pull focus, following the fast pace action. It is dancing with the electricity and the car.

Sparks of Light

Light flares and sparks splash on the lens, beautiful out of focus orbs populate the dark space around us. We might have moment of unexpected behavior like an inverted rain of sparks. We see a few golden orbs in extreme foreground going up. Then we cut wide and we see myriad of them, some very close to camera, others in the distance, all going up at different speed.

At one point we might only see the negative space of the car because of all the electric trails that are embracing it. The lines are fluid and dynamic. But
at times they might have a sharper more geometric shape.

Then the energy streaks start to actually form the shape of our SP:01 out of light and energy. But we never fully reveal it: we glimpse at its gorgeous
features and lines and just when we are about to have a more complete picture… we cut to black.