Coke On

What We Did:


Animation Production, Concept Design and Direction. 

Agency: Dentsu
JPN Production: School / Taiyo Kikaku
Producer: Teppei Ohno
Genki Ito
Animation Direction: Lobo
Executive Producer: Michael Stanish


An abstract space thatʼs graphically designed. Woman walks up to a coke vending machine.

When woman holds up smartphone to vending machine, graphics like “CONNECT&BUY” and signals comes up. Vending machine makes a noise and a bottle pops out.

Letter “CONNECT” breaks down and the letter “O” transforms into stamps.

With the graphical word “STAMP 1 GET”, a stamp appears on smartphone.

Woman drinking Coca Cola. From this on, the scene develops into womanʼs everyday life with numbers counting up. The scene transits with camera flowingly moving.

Woman shopping. Clothes and accesories float in the air. She has “IROHASU”-a coke brand drink in her hand.

Woman reading relaxing. Beside her is 爽健美茶 – a coca cola brand drink.

Woman buying 綾鷹 – a coca cola brand drink from the vending machine.

Woman on a car drive, gazing outside. POV of woman walking her dog in the park. Woman frolicking at a music festival. Fanta in her hands. Woman pushing a button on vending machine.

Screen in a coca colaʼs contour bottle shape. Woman walking down the street. Background changes. Fireworks in the city. Woman getting on a train.

The contour bottle shape frame transforms into 15th stamp.

Camera tracks back from the smartphone and there, on the screen are 15 stamps. “COMPLETE” in graphics. Finger on smartphone moves. Full of energy, woman swipes towards the vending machine. She is at her highly excited.

In contrast to the dramatic swipe, coca cola bottle simply rolls and comes out.

“Buy 15 drinks and get 1 free!”

「Letʼs start Coke ON」
「Coke ON APP」「Download Coke ON app and get 1 drink free!」

Coke Drink
coke on complete slide

Concept Art: