Camelot Euromillions

What We Did:


CG Development, Concept, Animation, Direction.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Director: Paul Brazier
Prodcuer: Yvonne Chalkley
Director: Laurent
Producer: Michael Stanish
CG Lead:  Alastair Hearsum
Concept Design: Noah Klocek


Concept Art

Camelot Euromillions boat


A warm hot chocolate cup, a fire crackling in the fireplace, a pile of red ribboned presents, a bright glittering Christmas tree full of colorful ornaments. Cue fairies at the top of the tree and we might be in Christmas Heaven.

A springboard for discussion. This script deserves to be created with the same craft and imagination that a great animated feature is developed. Every detail needs to be shaped. The narrative arch and the poem is key. It needs to bloom. Before starting CG production, we must make sure the Christmas spirit is shining through. We are ready to change lives.

Our cheeky fairy is waiting for us at the top of the tree. She loves the camera and the attention she gets from us. There is a spark in her eyes. Her wings flutter lightly. a strand of hair is covering part of her face. She is wearing a dashing flapper dress with light fringes at the bottom. Her dress glitters with silver highlights. Her big bright eyes are inviting us to join her at the top of the tree.

There is nothing ostentatious about our Christmas living room, but it is a wonderfully warm and inviting place. The fire is going strong. The Christmas decoration are accenting the room just right. A pile of presents of different shapes and sizes. Red ribbons around them. The steam of a hot chocolate cup slowly swirling above the side table.

The colour palette is warm and inviting. Red and orange hues Contrast with the light blue shadows coming from a window out of frame. Next to the bookshelf, a classic tall Christmas tree, fully decorated with myriad ornaments and glittering Christmas lights, stands bright and tall among a pile of red ribboned presents.