Asics Sunrise

Yoshihide Kiryu

Henri Schoeman

Noelle Roorda

Asics Sunrise - Treatment

Asics Sunrise: We want to put the viewers in the heart of the exercise, giving the audience an authentic insight into the athlete’s experience and journey.

We’ll be using a combination of wide cinematic shots, action shots and raw sports footage. This will create a film that blends both grand aesthetic shots and the gritty realism of daily training seamlessly.

We open on a close-up of the athlete looking at the camera. They are in the last minute of their exercise and are breathing heavy and sweating, pushing themselves for the final minute. It is this self-motivation, this repeated effort which allows them to excel in their chosen fields. 

We cut to the athlete warming up, getting ready to beginning their training.  The athlete takes a deep breath and then starts their exercise.

We then follow the athlete doing their sport, with the warm glow of the low sunrise as the backdrop. The footage we capture is raw and authentic. Pounding the track, they run, jump and throw.

The film ends on the athlete’s positive change moment (post-sport) as they gaze at the glorious sunrise spreading across the pale sky from their favourite spot.

Then the athletes speak, addressing the camera directly and engaging with the audience:

“This is an invitation to move your mind at sunrise.”

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