What We Did


Production, Direction, CG, Grade, VFX

Client: Adidas Amsterdam 
Creative Director: Nick Cline
Art Director: Andrew Johns
Copywriter: Gareth Broadbent
Project Manager: Julien Laurent
Executive Producers: Lotte De Vroe, Alexandra Elder
Production: Ground Control

Director: GMUNK
Producer: Jeremy Barnes, Michael Stanish
2D: James Mac, Sal Wilson, Julia Caram, Garth Reilly, Leanne Pletersky
3D: Alastar Hearsum, Florian Juri, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Dan Yargici, Ciaran Moloney, Matt Fletcher, Alessandro Vastalegna, Kofi Opoku-Ansah
Colour: Matt Hare
Music & Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero


Adidas Climachill: We open with an epic wide-angle of our Footballer running in a desert field. The ground is mostly dirt, with patches of grass dappled in sparse amounts.

The colors and palette are a warm-toned expanse of saturation and
atmosphere. You can see sparse clouds lightly filling an open blue sky.

An array of mountains in the background behind the heavy sheet of haze. The sun is low, and very warm, the lighting stylized at god hour.

Cut to a closeup of the ground – steam and condensation pouring off, inspiring thoughts of extreme heat.

The swarm plummets towards camera as we examine the discs in a macro shot, showing the icy cool mist pouring off the shapes as the shaky camera tracks with them.

We’re deep within a world with beautifully shallow depth of field and lens aberrations filling the frame, reminding us of the physicality of the connection
between player and material.

We follow the discs out of frame and cut behind the swarm into a medium shot, following the footballer from behind as the discs travel quickly towards him.

We catch up with the Titanium swarm as it descends upon the player as we study its formation in a medium shot along his skin for a moment, again matching the stitch design of the Climachill shirt and marvel how the fibers have surrounded the player like a tornado as the camera orbits around, again punctuating the moment.

We quickly dip under the surface as the fibers stitch together in another macro study looking upwards, the cooling elements breaking off and releasing vapors into the lens as the shallow depth of field creates an expanse of optical aberrations.

The player, now cooled and optimized for performance, smashes his final shot in an epic high-speed moment as the camera orbits around him, the frame bathed in lens flares as the player is releasing a dizzying array of steam and cooling vapors, impervious to the hot sun.